Friday, October 8, 2010

New Items

It has been quite a while since I have posted new items in my shop. Today, I listed six new items, and now through out the next week, I will posting TONS of new items!! I have about three dozen new pieces!!  Christmas is coming soon and I want to be full of lovely new jewelry! =)

Crystal Earrings

 Earthy Peruvian Blue Opal Earrings

 Lunar Eclipse Earrings

 Fools Gold Earrings

 Raspberry Kiss Earrings

Willow Earrings

Please Enjoy!! You can find these new selections in my shop here.

Xo, Challene


  1. Very pretty!! I love the Willow Earrings! Can't wait to see your new Christmas Jewelry! xo

  2. Thanks Juli! =) I have been so busy it is crazy!! I have so much to post online once this show I am doing is over!! I just added another post with a few new items, but there is certainly more to come!! =)