Friday, August 13, 2010

New shop & new blog! =)

Hi! =)

I have some fun and exciting news to share!! I have recently made the decision to create a new Etsy shop.  It is something that I have thought about for a while now.  If you did a research on-line for Blue Moose Creations, you would not only find my shop, but you will also find another shop with the same name.  When I created me etsy shop name, I didn't do a research for any one else on-like with this name. I don't want to take someone else's name, and I also want to be known for my own as well.  I want to distinquish my self and be unique.  I decided to just use my own name.  My new shop name is ChalleneVi Designs and it is located at  Challene is my first name and Vi (short for Viola) is my middle name.  I really hope that I made the right decision.  I have had quite a few sales that I am so very proud of and I have a bunch of feedback too.  I feel like I am starting all over again, but as I have been doing this, I feel as though I did the right thing.  It just feels right. 

I hope that I am able to gain the same fans that I have had, as well as some new ones and that my journey on the road to finding my unique path is a fun one!  I want to be able to have my jewelry stand out and be something different and stunning and beautiful! Please wish me luck!!

Thank you!

P.S. You can also find my on faceboook here and on twitter here.

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