Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etsy Stalker Shadowbox


I apologize for not writing more often lately.  I have been on vacation in Colorado, visiting my husbands family!  We had a great time, loved the warm (or I should say HOT) weather but I am glad to come home to the Fall.  Falling leaves, small snow flurries and high winds as well!! We had our power out for two days and I have to say that was fun with a two year old running around!  =) 

I wanted to mention that I have a shadowbox on Etsy Stalker and I hope that you will go and check it out! I am giving a $40.00 gift certificate to my shop so I hope you enter!! GOOD LUCK!!

I haven't been able to get any jewelry made since I have been home and I am itching to get in there!  Lately I have been tired of pulling my jewelry out of my travel bag where ever I can find a space and time, which is usually my dining room table.  So, recently I rearranged our guest bedroom to fit a portable table in there, and I have set up my semi-temporary studio in there.  I am excited because I can now just sit down and make something on a whim without having to pull everything out of a bag.  =) 

I hope you are having a lovely week and I will have some new creations to share with you soon!!!

Xoxo, Challene

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